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RagaMuffin kittens bred by TRKBS breeders are registered with CFA, ACFA or CCC.  Our breeders follow the Code of Ethics adopted by TRKBS.  Please visit our Home page for additional information about TRKBS.  You will also gain information regarding the TRKBS philosophy with respect to breeding.  In addition, you will learn about our breeders’ commitment to producing healthy, sociable kittens that adhere to the breed standard. 

Below is a list of the RagaMuffin Breeders that are members of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society.  They are listed by geographic area and each listing contains links for their websites, email, and phone number.  This will help you easily contact the breeder that may have the Purrfect RagaMuffin kitten for you!  Many breeders can make arrangements to have a kitten (or two or three) transported to you.  So please check out the breeder listings below.  You can also talk to any breeder below to obtain information about upcoming litters.

Quebec RagaMuffin Breeder

mink tabby and mink smoke kittens for Sale

RagaMania Cattery

Josée Rodrigue

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

ragamuffin blue point kitten

Keepsake Kats

Sylvia Smart

Tucson Arizona

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

ragamuffin breeders cat bllue mink tabby aqua eyes

New Hope RagaMuffins

A.J. Newton

Tucson Arizona

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

Florida Breeder

ragamuffin breeders kitten peeking out of drawer

Bijoux Rags


RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

Indiana Breeders

tiny baby silver kitten for sale

Velvet Muffins

Rinda Harvey

Indianapolis Area

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

brown tabby kitten

RagaMuffin Crumbs

Cindy Beals


Contact RagaMuffin Breeders for RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

Pennsylvania Breeder

Ragamuffi kitten Tara

Kaerik RagaMuffins

Southeastern, PA

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

Wisconsin RagaMuffin Breeder

ragamuffin breeders blue eyed kitten


South-central, Wisconsin

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friend Dennis

An Excellent and Caring Breeder and a Good Friend

Europe Breeders – RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale

ragamuffin breeder blue and white kitten

Of First Europe

Iris Hamertinger

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale!!

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Have RagaMuffin Kittens in Your Life

Contact One of the RagaMuffin Breeders Listed on this Page so You Can Have the Unique Experience of Being Owned by a RagaMuffin!

There is nothing quite like having the pleasure of being owned by a RagaMuffin Kitten! The breeders from TRKBS take special pride in producing healthy, very affectionate kittens, who, like velcro, will stick to your heart, as well as your lap. The kittens bred by TRKBS breeders are rigorously tested to ensure they are healthy. Our RagaMuffin breeders believe that the original size and temperament of the RagaMuffin breed should stay true to its roots as large, massive boned cats with the sweetest expression to match their sweet temperament. The TRKBS breeders continue the hard work of breeding exceptional RagaMuffins that adhere to the breed standard. We realize that breeding RagaMuffins is a labor of love and we love our RagaMuffins and know you will too! Please browse our website and allow us to share the joy we experience as RagaMuffin breeders! Any of our breeders will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

ragamuffin breeders silver tabby