Our RagaMuffin Kittens Love Being the Center of Attention

RagaMuffin Kitten Videos

Since RagaMuffin kittens love being the center of attention, naturally this means that they will take every opportunity available to be the STAR of the Silver Screen.  They love to ham-it-up by starring in their own RagaMuffin kitten videos!  We do not kid ourselves.  RagaMuffin breeders know that their kittens are doing everything possible to make everyone watching their videos squeal with delight.  RagaMuffin kittens thrive on reactions to their star-studded performances because it is proof of what they already know.  They are absolutely and undeniably irresistible!

Taking videos of your RagaMuffin kittens will also bring you many hours of delight as you can watch them many years later.  You will find yourself smiling while watching as your babies perform on the “Big Screen.”  Yes, our RagaMuffin kittens were born to be stars!

We often hear from adopters that their RagaMuffin kittens will come running if the adopter is watching a RagaMuffin video.  They may really enjoy watching the video, or perhaps they recognize their breeder’s voice!

The RagaMuffin breeders of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society decided to create their very own YouTube channel, where you can view videos of these adorable kittens.  Our RagaMuffin kittens thought this was a fabulous idea, and they have passed the word around.  Kittens have been known to get in line when they are old enough, so they can be featured in a RagaMuffin kitten video!

Our RagaMuffin kittens can be seen darting around and hopping over each other.  They are also fond of climbing all over their RagaMuffin breeder to show how lovable they are.  To learn more about these cuddly kittens be sure to visit our About RagaMuffins Page.

There is nothing quite as addictive as watching adorable RagaMuffin kittens starring in their own movies.  Click below and see what we mean!

We would love for you to click on the YouTube icon below which will take you to our channel. While you are enjoying the videos, please click on the “Subscribe” button, as it helps promote our channel.
We are sure you will enjoy watching our RagaMuffin kittens frolic across the Silver Screen, as much as we enjoyed making the videos. (And the RagaMuffin kittens REALLY loved starring in their feature presentations).

Wouldn't You Like to See This Sweet Kitten Starring in Her Own Feature Film?

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