Are RagaMuffin Cats Rare?

RagaMuffin Cats are Rareragamuffin breeders

Many potential adopters of RagaMuffin kittens will ask RagaMuffin breeders whether RagaMuffin cats are rare.  The short answer to this question is that RagaMuffins are indeed rare.  The RagaMuffin has its roots with the Ragdoll.  This is because the breeders that started the RagaMuffin cat breed used to be Ragdoll breeders.  They worked under Ann Baker.  Ann Baker is the person known to have started the Ragdoll breed. (more…)

Price of RagaMuffin Kittens

the price of ragamuffin kittensThe Price of RagaMuffin Kittens

Many people ask about the cost of purchasing RagaMuffin kittens.  Different breeds vary widely in the purchase price of the kittens.  The price of RagaMuffin kittens will also vary amongst different RagaMuffin kitten breeders.  Many factors go into the price of RagaMuffins.  How close the kitten is to the breed standard and show wins are two factors that are considered. (more…)

What is the Difference Between a RagaMuffin Cat and a Ragdoll Cat?

Differences between the RagaMuffin Cat and Ragdoll Cat

ragamuffin kitten

Many pet owners get confused about the difference between RagaMuffins and Ragdolls cats.  The fact that the names are so similar adds to the confusion.  There are also pet owners that have not heard of RagaMuffin cats.  The RagaMuffin cat breed grew out of the Ragdoll breed.  The Ragdoll breed was developed by Ann Baker in the 1960s.  Anne developed the Miracle Ragdolls, the IRCA Ragdolls, and the Honey Bears.  To develop these breeds, domestic longhairs, Persians, Birman, and Angora breeds were used.  These different lines of cats were known as the Cherubim Cats.  The Cherubim Cats were registered in the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA)  IRCA was a registry formed by Anne Baker.  However, the breed that is considered related to the RagaMuffin (more…)

Losing Your RagaMuffin

ragamuffin catLosing Your RagaMuffin

Losing your RagaMuffin one day is inevitable.  One day your beloved RagaMuffin will cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.  For most of us, our RagaMuffins are not just pets.  They are family members that are very easy to fall in love with.  Many of us feel we can communicate with them because they are such smart animals.  Language is not necessary.  Communication with our RagaMuffins through the connection we have is all that is (more…)

Should You Purchase Insurance for Your RagaMuffin Kittens?

Pet Insurance and Your RagaMuffin Kittens


pet insurance for your ragamuffinRagaMuffin owners, like most pet owners, are devoted to their pets and want to ensure that they get the best veterinary care possible.  There are times when an emergency can occur and the cost of ensuring your RagaMuffin kittens are protected can be prohibitive.  Like most pet owners, RagaMuffin cat owners would mortgage their house to make sure that their babies get the best care possible.  This is when pet insurance can be a lifesaver.

Thankfully, insurance can help with vet bills.  The younger your RagaMuffin kitten is when you purchase insurance, the less costly it will be.  There is an excellent guide to lots of information about insurance for your RagaMuffin that can be found at  Take a look at the article as you are getting ready to bring your new RagaMuffin home so that you can be prepared for all your kitten’s needs.  The article is well researched and hopefully will answer any questions about insurance for your RagaMuffin that you have.

Kitten-Proofing Your Home

Take the Advice below for Kitten Proofing Your Home


kitten proofing your homeRagaMuffin kittens, like all kittens, are very curious bundles of fur. While it is cute to watch an adorable kitten explore their new home, unless you take preventative measures, your RagaMuffin can wind up in serious trouble. A good tip to keep in mind as you walk around your home to take kitten proofing steps it is that your RagaMuffin has a lower vantage point than your own.   As a result, your kitten may spot and be attracted to things you don’t notice in a cursory view from a standing position. Look under your furniture, and in general, look at your home as if you were seeing it through the eyes of your RagaMuffin. Look for any small objects that might catch your kitten’s attention and could be inadvertently swallowed. Some suggestions for kitten proofing your home include the following: (more…)