RagaMuffin Cats’ Temperament

RagaMuffin Cat PersonalityRagaMuffin Cats and kittens are known for their sweet personality.  They are like puppy-kitties.  RagaMuffins are known as the “teddy-bear” of the cat world.  RagaMuffin cats LOVE to be with their guardian at all times so if you have more than one RagaMuffin, you may not have enough room on your lap for them!  RagaMuffins follows their guardians around the house.  This breed of cat does not like to be left alone for long periods of time, so if you travel a lot, they would not be happy campers.

A good idea is for you to adopt more than one RagaMuffin Kitten, which will allow them to keep each other company when you are not around.  Many RagaMuffins are “door greeters” and want to meet and head-butt anyone that comes to your house!  The RagaMuffin is a playful cat.  RagaMuffins are laid back, but don’t let that fool you.  They are very intelligent and learn quite quickly.

RagaMuffins are Playful and Loving

Some RagaMuffins like to play fetch like a dog.  Other RagaMuffins will stand on their hind legs and beg.  Many RagaMuffins will kiss you to show how much they love you.  RagaMuffin cats are curious, like all cats.  Although it is often said that the RagaMuffin breed is not athletic, that is certainly not always true.

RagaMuffins are floppy cats, like Ragdolls.  This floppy trait is present in many RagaMuffins, but not all RagaMuffins will flop.  It does not matter, because their incredibly loving personality is second to none. Once you are owned by a RagaMuffin, you will realize there is no other breed like them.

RagaMuffin cats are purr-bots and the minute you see one you will fall in love.  They will be your best friend.  RagaMuffins seem to sense how you are feeling and will often comfort you if you need it.   To get your very own RagaMuffin, visit the websites of our RagaMuffin breeders.  You will fall in love!

You are the Pied Piper to Your RagaMuffins

Anyone that has more than one RagaMuffin quickly realizes that these wonderful cats will follow their “person”  throughout the house.  Any room you go in, expect to have a trail of RagaMuffins following you!  RagaMuffins are incredibly smart and love to watch everything you do.  Anyone that is a RagaMuffin Breeder knows that their RagaMuffins truly believe that they could do just about everything better than their “person.”  Your RagaMuffins are probably right about that.

If your RagaMuffins sleep with you, they will likely not be satisfied with being pushed to the bottom of the bed.  They would much prefer to be laying on you or at a minimum, be in a position so that they can reach out their sweet paw and touch you.  There truly is noting that compares to being owned by a RagaMuffin!