Take the Advice below for Kitten Proofing Your Home


kitten proofing your homeRagaMuffin kittens, like all kittens, are very curious bundles of fur. While it is cute to watch an adorable kitten explore their new home, unless you take preventative measures, your RagaMuffin can wind up in serious trouble. A good tip to keep in mind as you walk around your home to take kitten proofing steps it is that your RagaMuffin has a lower vantage point than your own.   As a result, your kitten may spot and be attracted to things you don’t notice in a cursory view from a standing position. Look under your furniture, and in general, look at your home as if you were seeing it through the eyes of your RagaMuffin. Look for any small objects that might catch your kitten’s attention and could be inadvertently swallowed. Some suggestions for kitten proofing your home include the following:

  • Store sewing supplies out of your cat’s reach. Needles, pins, and thread can hurt your kitten’s mouth or internal organs if swallowed. The same goes for tacks, screws or nails that may be lying around. If it is in an area that your kitten can reach, there is a chance your RagaMuffin could swallow it.

  • Securely store all cleaning products or any other poisonous materials. RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats have been known to open kitchen cabinet doors, so don’t assume your kitten will not have access to products stored in a kitchen cabinet.

  • If you use drain cleaners, be sure to secure the bathroom door until you have had the chance to thoroughly wash any residue away.

  • Make sure all window screens are secure to help prevent falls. Do not leave windows open in your home, unless they have secure screens. Do not permit your RagaMuffin on a balcony.

  • Tie all window blinds or shade chords up, so that they are out of reach of your RagaMuffin and do not provide the danger of strangulation.

  • Store plastic bags where your RagaMuffin can’t get inside them and suffocate or chew them and swallow bits of plastic.

  • Store shopping bags with handles in an area where your RagaMuffin cannot accidentally get caught up in the handles of the shopping bag.

  • Keep exposed electrical cords as short as possible, or tack them against a baseboard so that your kitten can’t play with or chew them.  Cover exposed electrical cords with tubing.

  • Keep toilet lids down in order to prevent your kittens from falling in. Keep in mind that there could also be some residual toilet bowl cleanser left in the bowl that could be toxic to your kittens if swallowed.

  • Anything with string should be considered dangerous. This s an important part of kitten proofing.  Be careful that your RagaMuffins do not have access to the dental floss you discard. Watch that there are no rubber bands or hair ties lying around.

  • Be sure that your kittens do not have access to any pieces of aluminum foil, which can be dangerous if swallowed.

  • Cut plastic beverage holders apart to prevent your kittens or cats from getting tangled in them.

  • Kitten proofing your home involves checking your houseplants to ensure they are not poisonous to your kittens. There are many toxic plants, so if you own any, secure them in hanging baskets that your kitten or cat cannot reach. Note that lilies, in particular, are dangerous to cats. While in some cases, just parts of a plant (bark, leaves, seeds, berries, roots, tubers, spouts, green shells) might be poisonous, ask your veterinarian for a complete list of toxic plants. If your kittens or cat eats part of a poisonous plant, rush the kitten to your vet as soon as possible. It would be helpful if you could take the plant with you for ease of identification.

Introducing your RagaMuffin Kitten to the Rest of the Family

ragamuffin kittens introduction to new homeIf there are children in your house, especially small ones, introduce your RagaMuffin to them gradually, during short periods of time. Frequent handling and gentle playing are important. You must make sure that the children understand that their new kittens are living creatures and they must be taught to be gentle and sensitive to the kittens. Show the children how to pick the RagaMuffin kittens up and the correct way to hold the kitten, with one hand under the kitten’s chest and the other hand supporting the kitten’s hindquarters. Teach the children not to pull on any part of the kittens, not to squeeze the kittens or make loud or threatening noises around the kittens. The best way to start to play with your new kittens, for both children and adults, is to sit on the floor so you will be at your kitten’s level. This way you will look less intimidating to your new kitten. If there are other pets in the house, introduce them to your RagaMuffins, slowly and with caution. An older cat will usually accept a new kitten if the introduction is done correctly. Never leave your kitten alone with your other pets until you are absolutely certain that they are friends. Some tips on introducing your new RagaMuffin kittens to another pet include the following suggestions:

  • Have a “safe room” where you will keep your new kittens when you first bring them home. You should have their water and food bowls, litter box, toys, scratching post and bed in this room. Take a t-shirt and rub it against the side of the kitten’s face. Take this t-shirt and let your other pets smell it. Let your other pet(s) smell the new kitten under the door. Do the same thing with your other pets and let the kittens smell the scent of your other pets.

  • Begin introducing your kittens by first opening the door to the safe room a crack and letting the other pets know the kitten is there and vice versa. Do not allow contact at this point.

  • While you are present, feed your RagaMuffin by the door, while it is open a crack, and feed your other pets on the other side of the door. Do this for several days.

  • After about a week put your new kitten in their carrier and let the other pets in the house in the safe room. There may be some hissing, but that is normal. Do this a couple of times a day for several days.

  • Within 10 to 14 days your new kittens and other pets should be getting along. The key to success in introductions to other pets is to go slow and be patient. Remember, do not leave the new kittens alone with your other pet(s) unattended until you see that they are good friends. During the introduction process, be sure to give your older pets extra attention so they know they are loved. By giving them this needed extra love and attention, you will hopefully avoid any feelings of jealousy the older pets may feel as a result of bringing the new RagaMuffin kittens home.

  • Make sure to read the information on bonding with your kitten, as it contains additional information to ensure your kitten is properly introduced to their new home.