ragamuffin catLosing Your RagaMuffin

Losing your RagaMuffin one day is inevitable.  One day your beloved RagaMuffin will cross over to the Rainbow Bridge.  For most of us, our RagaMuffins are not just pets.  They are family members that are very easy to fall in love with.  Many of us feel we can communicate with them because they are such smart animals.  Language is not necessary.  Communication with our RagaMuffins through the connection we have is all that is needed for communication.  Many RagaMuffins live long lives.  For many of us, losing your RagaMuffin is like losing a child when they pass to the other side.  Some of our RagaMuffins are truly our heart babies.  We experience true and heavy grief when they leave us.  If we spend 15 to 20 years with our companion laying by our side at night, it is truly a loss when they are no longer there.

Coping With Losing Your RagaMuffin

Coping with losing your RagaMuffin is not very different than dealing with the loss of a human member of your family.  The early stages are disbelief, depression, crying, and maybe trying to make a deal with God to let you have just a bit more time with your loved one.  We may wonder what we could have done differently to give them more time with us.  Many of us have the experience of feeling that we keep seeing our RagaMuffin.  Changing habits that you are used to, such as feeding them, grooming, or scooping their litter box are no longer things you do on a daily basis.

This is similar to losing a human loved one.  Perhaps you are used to a routine of caring for them while they are ill.  One day they are no longer there and you find yourself sitting and staring into space, wondering what you should be doing.  This is a good article on the topic of the loss of your four-legged companion.

Grieving the loss of your baby is normal.  For some people with some cats, the loss is more difficult.  No one should tell you how long you should grieve.  However, there may be methods to help cope with such a loss.

You can write about pleasant memories as one coping mechanism.  We can also look at photos to remind us of the fun times and the beauty of our companion.   We should not push photo viewing too soon, as it can be very difficult.  However, eventually, looking at those photos will bring a smile to your face, because it will bring back the love and joy you received from your RagaMuffin.

The Grief Will Lessen

Don’t let anyone belittle the grief you feel.  RagaMuffin cats are our family members.  Losing your RagaMuffin is difficult.  Seek support from like-minded people.  Remember that one day you will be reunited with your RagaMuffin.  Count the blessing for the time you had the privilege of having them as a companion. You will hopefully remember the good times more often as time goes on and the grief you feel will lessen.  These wonderful cats add so much joy to our lives.  We should treasure every moment we have with them.