Giving RagaMuffin Kittens Show Bath                                         

                                   Gather Necessary Supplies Before                                    You Start the RagaMuffin Kittens Show Bath


ragamuffin kittens bath routineSo now that you have wonderful RagaMuffin kittens, it is time to think about showing them at ACFA, CFA or GCCF shows. Many people find it a lot of fun to go to a show. You get to see different breeds, and it is also fun to watch your kittens being judged. Bring along a friend (maybe one with their own RagaMuffin to show) and you can have an enjoyable day or two at a cat show.

The first thing you need to learn before showing your RagaMuffins kittens is how to properly bathe and groom them for a show. This article will give you the information you need to get your RagaMuffin in tip-top show condition. You should always give your RagaMuffin kittens a show bath before a show. The judges do notice if a cat is not properly groomed and it reflects poorly on the RagaMuffin breed. Don’t assume just because your RagaMuffin kittens or RagaMuffin cats are not dirty, that they are fine to show without a show bath. The judges will look to see whether your RagaMuffins received the grooming that they expect of any cat being shown.

Before you begin the show bath, gather the following materials:

  • Big absorbent bath towel

  • Degreaser

  • Dawn dish liquid, diluted with water and warmed in the microwave

  • Cat shampoo (some shampoos are made for specific colors)

  • Washcloth

  • White vinegar

  • Clarifying shampoo (optional, but really helpful)

  • Small brush

  • Cotton balls

  • Large plastic cup

  • Blow dryer – if you are going to be doing a lot of shows, having a commercial dryer will save a lot of time. You can buy them used to save money

  • Metal Comb

  • Nail clippers

                                                         Clipping Nails Before the RagaMuffin                                                  Kittens Show Bath

giving ragamuffin kitten show bathBefore starting the bath, make sure to cut your RagaMuffin’s nails. They will need to be trimmed prior to the show and you will definitely be glad you trimmed them once you have started the show bath. Also, make sure the temperature of your house is comfortably warm.  A show bath for a kitten is more involved and takes considerably more time than the bath discussed on the page Caring for Your Kitten.


                       Pre-Bath Combing

Do a brief combing of your RagaMuffin to remove dead hair prior to the bath. Take the washcloth and put enough warm water on it to make it damp. Use the washcloth to clean the inside or your kitten or cat’s ears and gently wipe their face to ensure it is clean. Put a cotton ball in each ear to protect your RagaMuffin from getting water in their ears.

Degreasing as Part of the RagaMuffin Kittens Show Bath

Put your kittens or cats in the sink without water. Scoop a degreaser, such as Jerob’s degreaser or Davisragamuffin kittens grooming Degrease and spread it on your RagaMuffin’s body. The degreaser will help remove oil from the coat, as well as stains, and it will also help the water to penetrate the coat of your RagaMuffin. Once you have applied the degreaser, make sure you pay particular attention to the areas that tend to get oily, such as at the base of the back and side of the ears. Leave the degreaser on the coat for five to ten minutes.  Thoroughly rinse out all of the degreaser with warm water. Rinse until your RagaMuffin is totally wet, including their undercoat.

Apply Diluted Dawn

When all the degreaser is out of the coat and your RagaMuffin’s coat is totally wet down, take the washcloth and dip it in the diluted Dawn dish liquid and spread this onto your kittens coat, making sure you get the Dawn over the entire body, except the face, especially the hindquarters and the area at the base of the ears. Take the brush and gently brush the kittens or cats in the direction the fur lays. Also, take the brush and gently brush back and forth on the area at the base of the ears, as this area tends to be greasy. Rinse your RagaMuffin thoroughly in warm water until you have removed all traces of the Dawn.