The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society Code of Ethics

The Ragamuffin Kitten Breeders Society (TRKBS) was organized by a group of RagaMuffin breeders who sought to protect, preserve, and promote the RagaMuffin while advancing the breed in its Championship status. Our breeders agree to protect the RagaMuffin breed from those who do not have the best interest of the RagaMuffin cat at heart. In order to ensure such protection for the RagaMuffin, this Code of Ethics was developed.  We will preserve the RagaMuffin by making breeding decisions based on the RagaMuffin Breed Standard stated by ACFA and/or CFA. Members of TRKBS shall also promote the RagaMuffin breed by showing RagaMuffin cats that reflect the breed standard. Members agree to properly groom and bathe their RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats prior to showing. All activities of the club are for the furtherance of the RagaMuffin breed based on those criteria. In keeping with those goals, the breeders of TRKBS agree to adhere to the following minimum standards.

1. I agree that since the RagaMuffin is a rare breed, furthering the interests of the RagaMuffin, (including the health and safety of breed stock and litters), shall always be the primary consideration. Any other gain shall be secondary. I will neither sell nor represent cats not registered with ACFA, CFA, CCA, CCC and/or GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) as RagaMuffins. I agree to breed discriminately and only upon strong evidence of the potential for finding suitable homes for the kittens.

2. I agree to maintain a high standard of health and care including adequate room for exercise, regular grooming, clean quarters and adequate food and water.

3. I agree to keep adequate records of all matings and pedigrees and to register breeding stock and litters with any or all of the following registries:  ACFA,  CFA, CCA, CCC or GCCF. I shall euthanize any kitten with a deformity incompatible with a happy, comfortable life.

4. All breeding cats going into breeding programs will be tested and be negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. All breeding cats will also be tested for the Ragdoll HCM gene, or if a breeding cat’s ancestors have tested N/N for the Ragdoll HCM gene, such breeding cat need not be separately tested. Confirming a breeding cat is clear from the Ragdoll HCM gene by testing of ancestors would require that both parents have tested N/N, or all sets of grandparents have tested N/N, or all sets of great-grandparents, etc. have tested N/N, or any combination of the foregoing, to ensure the breeding cat could not inherit a copy of the Ragdoll HCM gene. No cat that has a copy of the Ragdoll HCM gene shall be used as a breeding cat. No breeder shall place a cat that has a copy of the Ragdoll HCM gene in a breeding program nor breed a cat that has a copy of the Ragdoll HCM gene. I will provide a copy of the written report showing the results of the DNA testing for the Ragdoll HCM gene for each of my breeding RagaMuffins, or the applicable ancestors, to the Board, so that it may be filed in the “Files” section of TRKBS Yahoo group, to which all members of TRKBS shall have access. Copies of such reports must be provided prior to a breeder becoming a member of TRKBS.

5. When using the Selkirk breed in an outcross program, I agree to have an echocardiogram performed on each Selkirk at one year of age prior to breeding. This is to be repeated one year later and then every two years while the cat is in the breeding program. Only cats with HCM clear echocardiograms are to be utilized for breeding. While it is advisable to have echocardiograms performed on the resulting outcross kittens when used in a breeding program, it is optional.

6. I will only breed my cats when they are in good health and of good weight and condition.  This determination shall be made by me.  It is strongly suggested that a female not be bred before 12 months of age unless she has had frequent heat cycles that are affecting her health and condition, which shall be determined by me.  It is recommended not to breed a female too frequently but to give ample time in between two litters for her to regain her weight and condition, which shall be determined by me as litter sizes and the cat can affect the female’s recuperation time after having a litter and I am in the best position to make such judgment with respect to my cats.  Any female who has severe birthing problems will be altered.

7. I refuse to offer stud service or sell breeding cats to owners who do not conform to this code or a similar code of a RagaMuffin Cat Club. This is also done to protect the breed itself from straying from the Breed Standard.

8. I will not donate a RagaMuffin for raffle purposes or buy or sell in litter lots. I will not sell to kitten retailers or wholesalers.

9. Before selling a kitten as a breeder, I shall ascertain that the buyer is fully aware of the ramifications of breeding: expenses, necessary facilities, time involved in care, good placement of kittens, and responsibilities to buyers and other breeders. New breeders must apply and be approved as Apprentice Breeders of TRKBS prior to the sale of any breeding cat to them.  This is to ensure the success and understanding of their cattery. New applicants will be provided a mentor to help with this and will be Apprentice Breeders for the first 2 years. Any time served as an Apprentice Breeder for another RagaMuffin cat club shall count towards the time required to be an Apprentice Breeder with TRKBS.

10. Apprentice Breeders will not sell to other Apprentice Breeders unless the RagaMuffin kitten has been assessed and approved by both mentors of such Apprentice Breeders. Any contract between an Apprentice Breeder and another RagaMuffin breeder for the purchase or sale of a kitten or cat, lease of a cat, or for stud service, must be reviewed by the mentor(s) of the Apprentice Breeder(s) prior to the Apprentice Breeder(s) signing any such agreement.

11. I shall ascertain that all buyers know how to care for a cat or kitten and make myself reasonably available to give advice. I will give buyers an honest appraisal of a kitten’s potential as a pet, breeder or show cat to the extent such determination can be made at the time a buyer is purchasing the kitten. All breeder/show kittens shall be sold with a written guarantee stating the seller’s responsibility should the kitten prove to be sterile or develop a genetic defect that prevents breeding or showing. (Example: monorchidism). The course of action to be taken is in a matter for each breeder to specify in his guarantee. (Example: refund, replacement, disposition of cat, etc.).

12. I will supply a receipt for all deposits received which states what happens if a buyer changes his mind. (Example: money forfeited, immediate refund, etc.). A limited pedigree will be provided with pet kittens if requested in writing by the adopter and all registration forms will indicate that the kitten is not being sold for breeding purposes (unless it is a breeding kitten), or for CFA, no PIN number shall be supplied, so that if the kitten is not being sold as a breeding kitten, CFA will record the kitten as not for breeding.  I will not sell kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old. Before a kitten is sold, it must receive immunizations for feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and /or those deemed appropriate by the attending veterinarian for its age. I will take the necessary precautions to ensure kittens are free of all external and internal parasites (worms, fleas, ear mites, fungus, etc.).

13. I shall discourage the declawing of any cat or kitten.

14. All owners will be encouraged to join TRKBS to foster the compilation and dissemination of information as well as networking.

15. I agree to guard the reputation of all TRKBS breeders as I do my own reputation. Making statements that could cause harm to the reputation of another TRKBS breeder is not in the spirit of TRKBS and I will refrain from making any such statements.

16.  This Code of Ethics may be amended only by a majority of the members of TRKBS breeders except that this Section 16 may be amended only by 75% of the members of TRKBS.  All TRKBS breeders shall be subject to the revised Code of Ethics.   No revision to the TRKBS Constitution or Bylaws shall revise the provisions of this Section 16 and no attempt to revise the method by which the Code of Ethics can be amended other than pursuant to this Section 16 shall be effective.

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