Show Baths for RagaMuffin Kittens


                Giving RagaMuffin Kittens Show Bath                                         

                                   Gather Necessary Supplies Before                                    You Start the RagaMuffin Kittens Show Bath


ragamuffin kittens bath routineSo now that you have wonderful RagaMuffin kittens, it is time to think about showing them at ACFA, CFA or GCCF shows. Many people find it a lot of fun to go to a show. You get to see different breeds, and it is also fun to watch your kittens being judged. Bring along a friend (maybe one with their own RagaMuffin to show) and you can have an enjoyable day or two at a cat show.

The first thing you need to learn before showing your RagaMuffins kittens is how to properly bathe and groom them for a show. This article will give you the information you need to get your RagaMuffin in tip-top show condition. You should always give your RagaMuffin kittens a show bath before a show. The judges do notice if a cat is not properly groomed and it reflects poorly on the RagaMuffin breed. Don’t assume just because your RagaMuffin kittens or RagaMuffin cats are not dirty, that they are fine to show without a show bath. The judges will look to see whether your RagaMuffins received the grooming that they expect of any cat being shown. (more…)

Caring for Your RagaMuffin Kitten

RagaMuffin Kitten Grooming

                      Weekly Combing

ragamuffin kittens for saleWeekly combing should be part of the routine of RagaMuffin kitten grooming from the time you bring your kitten home. If you start the RagaMuffin kitten grooming process when the RagaMuffin kittens are young, they will become accustomed to it, and it will be a more pleasurable experience for both your RagaMuffin kittens and for you. While your kitten may resist or squirm when you first start the grooming, over time the kittens will get used to the grooming routine and will come to see it as a means of getting more attention from you.

Medium to medium long haired RagaMuffins should be combed out at least once per week, though at the outset, it is suggested that you comb twice weekly to get your kittens accustomed to being combed. Use a long-toothed metal comb in order to remove dead hair. Comb the coat in the direction the hair lies, at a 45-degree angle to avoid raking the skin. Comb slowly and gently, so as not to pull on the coat and avoid combing that causes the metal teeth of the comb to rake the kitten’s skin, which can be painful. The weekly or twice weekly combing sessions will remove a lot of dead hair and has the added benefit of greatly reducing shedding the more often you comb your RagaMuffin. Since you are removing dead hair, regular grooming will also reduce hairballs. Cats shed all year long, but in the spring and fall, you will find that they shed more, so during these times, you should groom more often, as there will be more dead hair.  (more…)