Picky RagaMuffin Kittens Eaters


Dealing with Finicky RagaMuffin Kittens and Rotation Diets

Many of us talk about our finicky felines and what picky eaters cats are.  While cats do have a reputation for being finicky, it is likely that we have contributed to causing such finicky behavior.


Rule Out Medical Cause

finicky ragamuffin kittensIf you have finicky RagaMuffin kittens, the first thing to do is rule out any potential medical issue.  You should make sure the gums of the RagaMuffin cat are not causing pain when eating.  This is usually very apparent because a  cat with gum disease will jump suddenly when eating and run away from the food bowl.  Usually, other causes of picky eating that are related to a medical issue will come on suddenly.  This is not the same as a cat who wants you to open five different flavors before they will lick a little and walk away. (more…)

Nutritious Diet for Your RagaMuffin

Diet and Nutrition


Cats are Obligate Carnivores – Make Sure Your Cat’s Diet and Nutrition Provide the Meat-Based Diet Required


ragamuffin kittens diet and nutritionCorrect Diet and Nutrition for Your RagaMuffin

Information regarding the proper diet and nutrition for felines has changed over the years.  Veterinarians who specialize or take a special interest in nutrition for felines have continued to conduct research on feline nutrition. What you feed your RagaMuffin cat has a big impact on their overall health.  This is no different than how our diet and nutrition affect our health. Learn about the proper diet and nutrition for your RagaMuffin, so you can (more…)