Hairballs and Your RagaMuffin Cat


ragamuffin catJust about everyone that has the pleasure of having one or more felines in their lives has experienced hairballs.  Usually, your RagaMuffin cat will feel the need to expel the hairball by vomiting it up either on or right next to your bed at 2 a.m.  If the hacking up of the hairball did not wake you up, you might have the pleasure of stepping out of bed into the hairy mess.

Some cats prefer to wait until you are awake, so they can ensure you see them hacking up the hairball.  They will then run from the tiled kitchen floor and head straight to the Oriental rug, which makes a much more inviting place for them to vomit up the hairball. (more…)

Picky RagaMuffin Kittens Eaters


Dealing with Finicky RagaMuffin Kittens and Rotation Diets

Many of us talk about our finicky felines and what picky eaters cats are.  While cats do have a reputation for being finicky, it is likely that we have contributed to causing such finicky behavior.


Rule Out Medical Cause

finicky ragamuffin kittensIf you have finicky RagaMuffin kittens, the first thing to do is rule out any potential medical issue.  You should make sure the gums of the RagaMuffin cat are not causing pain when eating.  This is usually very apparent because a  cat with gum disease will jump suddenly when eating and run away from the food bowl.  Usually, other causes of picky eating that are related to a medical issue will come on suddenly.  This is not the same as a cat who wants you to open five different flavors before they will lick a little and walk away. (more…)

Urine Stains and Odors Caused by Your RagaMuffin Kitty

Removal of Cat Urine Stains and Odors Caused by Your RagaMuffin


First Remove the Cat Urine Stain


cat urine stains ragamuffin kittensAll cats, including RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats, can have accidents that leave cat urine stains or vomit stains and odor behind.  It is very important to remove the stain as soon as you discover the spot, especially if it is urine, because you want to prevent your RagaMuffin Cats and RagaMuffin kittens from going back to the same spot and repeating the unwanted behavior.  There are some products that work against both stain and odor at the same time, but there are some useful home remedies for removal of odor that can actually “set” the stain.  An example of this is using vinegar.  Vinegar is used when making colored Easter eggs or tied-dyed shirts in order to set the color.  You sure do not want to use it to set the cat urine stain.  Another thing to avoid is any type of steam cleaning, as this has the tendency to set the stain as well. (more…)

RagaMuffin Kittens Bonding

How to Bond with Your RagaMuffin Kittens


RagaMuffin Kittens Adjusting to New Home and Other Pets


ragamuffin kittens adjustingThe Safe Room and RagaMuffin Kittens Adjusting

The slower the better, especially if you have other pets! Cats are territorial and current household cats will not like the newcomer. Introduce them (or introduce your new RagaMuffin kittens to its new home) by isolating your new kitten in a small “safe” room.

Let the household cat/dog smell the newcomer through the cracks under the door. Feed your new kitten in this room. Provide the kitten with his or her own litter box. Show your RagaMuffin the food, water, and litter box.  Do not force your kitten to come to you.  You will have a much easier time having your RagaMuffin kittens adjusting to your home if you allow the kitten to initiate contact.  Wait until your kitten is comfortable with you before picking the kitty up for cuddles.  Spend time with your new kittens in this room, playing and cuddling. This will enable your new kitty to bond with you before he or she is introduced to the other animals or to the larger area of your home.  (more…)

Nutritious Diet for Your RagaMuffin

Diet and Nutrition


Cats are Obligate Carnivores – Make Sure Your Cat’s Diet and Nutrition Provide the Meat-Based Diet Required


ragamuffin kittens diet and nutritionCorrect Diet and Nutrition for Your RagaMuffin

Information regarding the proper diet and nutrition for felines has changed over the years.  Veterinarians who specialize or take a special interest in nutrition for felines have continued to conduct research on feline nutrition. What you feed your RagaMuffin cat has a big impact on their overall health.  This is no different than how our diet and nutrition affect our health. Learn about the proper diet and nutrition for your RagaMuffin, so you can (more…)