Are RagaMuffin Cats Rare?

RagaMuffin Cats are Rareragamuffin breeders

Many potential adopters of RagaMuffin kittens will ask RagaMuffin breeders whether RagaMuffin cats are rare.  The short answer to this question is that RagaMuffins are indeed rare.  The RagaMuffin has its roots with the Ragdoll.  This is because the breeders that started the RagaMuffin cat breed used to be Ragdoll breeders.  They worked under Ann Baker.  Ann Baker is the person known to have started the Ragdoll breed. (more…)

Price of RagaMuffin Kittens

the price of ragamuffin kittensThe Price of RagaMuffin Kittens

Many people ask about the cost of purchasing RagaMuffin kittens.  Different breeds vary widely in the purchase price of the kittens.  The price of RagaMuffin kittens will also vary amongst different RagaMuffin kitten breeders.  Many factors go into the price of RagaMuffins.  How close the kitten is to the breed standard and show wins are two factors that are considered. (more…)

RagaMuffin Cats’ Personality

RagaMuffin Cats’ Temperament

RagaMuffin Cat PersonalityRagaMuffin Cats and kittens are known for their sweet personality.  They are like puppy-kitties.  RagaMuffins are known as the “teddy-bear” of the cat world.  RagaMuffin cats LOVE to be with their guardian at all times so if you have more than one RagaMuffin, you may not have enough room on your lap for them!  RagaMuffins follows their guardians around the house.  This breed of cat does not like to be left alone for long periods of time, so if you travel a lot, they would not be happy campers.

A good idea is for you to adopt more than one RagaMuffin Kitten, which will allow them to keep each other company when you are not around.  Many RagaMuffins are “door greeters” and want to meet and head-butt anyone that comes to your house!  The RagaMuffin is a playful cat.  RagaMuffins are laid back, but don’t let that fool you.  They are very intelligent and learn quite quickly.


What is the Difference Between a RagaMuffin Cat and a Ragdoll Cat?

Differences between the RagaMuffin Cat and Ragdoll Cat

ragamuffin kitten

Many pet owners get confused about the difference between RagaMuffins and Ragdolls cats.  The fact that the names are so similar adds to the confusion.  There are also pet owners that have not heard of RagaMuffin cats.  The RagaMuffin cat breed grew out of the Ragdoll breed.  The Ragdoll breed was developed by Ann Baker in the 1960s.  Anne developed the Miracle Ragdolls, the IRCA Ragdolls, and the Honey Bears.  To develop these breeds, domestic longhairs, Persians, Birman, and Angora breeds were used.  These different lines of cats were known as the Cherubim Cats.  The Cherubim Cats were registered in the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA)  IRCA was a registry formed by Anne Baker.  However, the breed that is considered related to the RagaMuffin (more…)