Behavior Modification

RagaMuffin Kittens Behavior Modification

ragamuffin kittensIt would take a person with the extreme talent to say they have complete control over the behavior of cat! However, there are some methods you can use to help behavior modification with your RagaMuffin kitten so that they understand what behavior is permissible.  Some kittens are quickly trained and others not so quick.  Even though you can train your RagaMuffin kittens about appropriate behavior, that does not mean they will always observe “the rules.”

Inappropriate Scratching

Cats instinctually like to scratch.  Our feline friends use scratching to peel the outer layer of their nails.  It is also a way a cat leaves its scent.  One important starting place is to make sure you trim your RagaMuffin kitten’s nails frequently.  When the kitten scratches, it actually causes the nail to become very sharp by peeling off the outer sheath of the nail.  Kittens nails grow quite rapidly, so check them every 10-14 days to see if they need to be trimmed.  RagaMuffin adult cat’s nails need to be clipped about every 3-4 weeks.  Make sure you clip nails frequently, both to get your kitty used to the routine and to make sure the nails do not grow too long (if you do not clip a cat’s nails, they can grow so long that they grow into the paw pad, which is painful for the kitty).

Since it is in your RagaMuffin’s nature to scratch, you also need to provide them with appropriate places to scratch, so as to try to avoid them scratching on your furniture.  You should have several scratching posts throughout the house.  Cats really seem to like sisal, so these are good posts to get.  A carpet-covered scratching post could send the wrong message to your kitten about the type of surfaces that are desirable to use to scratch.

If your furniture is the type that is appealing to kitties to scratch (rough fabrics), you may need to get creative in finding ways to let your RagaMuffin know that the scratching post is a much better place to scratch than your furniture.

Double-sided tape placed on the area your kitty has been scratching will dissuade them from using that area.  Just like training your kitty to stay away from a certain area, you should leave the tape in place for a good amount of time, so that your RagaMuffin kitten will remember and want to avoid that area.

Using the appropriate steps to bond with your kitty can also be very helpful when you are using the tips for behavior modification.

You should also never, ever hit or yell at your RagaMuffin.  They will learn nothing from this except to be afraid of you.  Making noises, like clapping your hands and saying down can work, especially if you are not right next to them when they are exhibiting behavior that is not acceptable.  Try getting your kitty to behave as you want, like getting off the table, and then distract them.  Cats are incredible creatures of habit and if you can prevent the habit from starting, you are way ahead of the game