About the RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society

RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale


This page will help you learn about RagaMuffin Kittens for sale.  You will also learn about our RagaMuffin kitten Breeders.  Our breeders have scrumptious RagaMuffin kittens for sale!  Pet owners and breeders are members of The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Society. We work to breed healthy and playful RagaMuffins kittens for saleOur RagaMuffins have the original colors and patterns of the breed.  The size and sweetness of the breed are what make RagaMuffins unique.

Philosophy on our RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale

Sweet expressions make the breed special.  We work to achieve large big-boned cats.  That is an important part of the RagaMuffin breed standard.  However, health and sweet personalities are our priorities.  Because RagaMuffin kittens are so sweet, they make your heart melt.  Our breeders have the best RagaMuffin kittens for sale.  You will discover that one RagaMuffin is never enough!

 Commitment to

The Health of RagaMuffin Cats

Our breeders have agreed to follow a Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics ensures the health of the RagaMuffin kittens.

Testing for HCM

The Breeders that are members of our club test their lines for the Ragdoll mutation of heart disease.  The goal is to get rid of heart disease.  Echocardiograms are used by many breeders. This is the best that can be done to screen for HCM. Heart disease is not a problem in RagaMuffin kittens.  RagaMuffin cat breeders intend to keep it that way.

ragamuffin kittens for sale
ragamuffin kittens for sale
ragamuffin kittens for sale

Only Authentic RagaMuffin Kittens for Sale

RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders breed authentic RagaMuffins.  As long as the parents of the RagaMuffin kittens are registered with either ACFA or CFA, you are getting a real RagaMuffin kitten.

Showing by RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders

We require breeder members to take their RagaMuffin kittens and cats to cat shows.  Breeders that show help to promote the RagaMuffin breed. Plus it is fun! Kittens are bred to adhere to the ACFA breed standard and the CFA breed standard.

The RagaMuffin Community

Our breeders are committed to promoting the RagaMuffin cat breed.

To contact any of our RagaMuffin cat breeders, please click the RagaMuffin Kitten Breeders Page.

To contact any TRKBS RagaMuffin breeder, please click on their website or email

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